We offer two packages for full fledge marketing strategies:


This includes the design or redesign of a companies image. We look at the logo and see if we can further develop it to archive brand recognition. We then create a web site using discussed ideas and design. We setup statistics for the web site of customers and provide monthly reports to target content that is prevalent to users. We produce new general business cards for the company and also produce postcards with the same concepts.

In detail you get…

  • Logo Design or Redesign
  • Through consultation on company image and direction
  • Domain marketing strategy
  • 6-10 page web site, with domain & hosting for a year
  • Keywords incorporated in content
  • Independent statistics for web site content
  • 5hrs of web site maintenance per month
  • 2hrs of professional photography
  • 20 Email accounts
  • 1,000 General business cards
  • 500 4×6 postcards to reinforce branding of company
  • Contact form


Includes a meeting to discuss the audience and direction of the marketing for your business. We then implement these needs to the current design or redesign. We also help with the creation of new business card with new marketing ideas.

In detail you get…

  • Consultation on company image and direction
  • Logo design and Redesign
  • 1000 Business cards of new marketing

Brand Recognition-

We work with our customers to plan a marketing strategy that puts their business image first. Branding one’s business starts from developing a logo or a particular design that is used through out all the marketing mediums, some great examples are Target, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s.(Target, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s are registered trade marks to their perspective entities, and not affiliated with

Image Development-

After the planning we implement different mediums to put that image forward. We utilize:

  • Web- to put company information online for all to see.
  • Print- to be able to give information to customers with tangible items.
  • Photography- to make their presence more noticeable.